A peaceful seaside destination, Tarkarli lies in the heart of Malvan, part of the Konkan coast in middle-western Maharashtra. Placed at the merging of the Karli River and the Arabian Sea, Tarkarli’s beautiful beaches spread across the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra that borders Goa. You backside comfortably dive deep into a suitable diving system without any worries. Malvan is famous for its surrounding beaches and people can relax and have seafood aside from the nearby food shake. It is an ideal place for tourists to explore the peace and soothing effect as the water from the beach touches your feet. While diving you can notice underwater dolphins, crabs, fluorescent fishes, and many amazing aquatic animals. For sea-lovers, they provide boats through the Grand Island. You may have unforgettable memories that you will take back with a scuba-diving adventure trip, so exploring underwater mysterious things should be at the top of your bucket list.

Scuba diving in Tarkarli

Why should you do Scuba Diving in tarkarli ?

In just two days there is a lot this tour has to offer, you get to experience Scuba Diving, Dolphins, Banana Ride, Bumper Ride, Sleeping bumper ride, Jet Ski, Speed Boat Ride, Parasailing and more.Scuba-diving is one of the most popular water sports among other water-sports activities in Malvan, where people go crazy to face the beauty of the sea. Not only do you find it under the sea, but you can swim around with colorful fishes around you and see the unexpected color of the water and experience the life of the fish. 

scuba-diving- in Tarkarli

so what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Grand Island with sea-lovers to relieve your mind from the chaos outside and give your soul a peaceful and secluded place under the sea. Goa, a state of beaches and coastal land, has always been famous for sunbathing and tanning while doing many water sports activities on the beach for a long time, which Goa has for you and your loved ones. What does anyone else want during the holidays? This is all, that you always insist on during the holidays. So make the most of it while you try to have exciting and exciting rides with us like banana rides in Goa and parasailing rides in Goa.

scuba Diving in Tarkarli

Water Sports in Tarkarli

A perfect 10-minute banana ride in Goa can “Awe” you with us. Isn’t this the perfect ride that you and your family can enjoy together, making wonderful memories during this ride? Just think, you sit with your 7-8 family members on a banana-shaped tube attached to a speedboat that pulls you along at a fast pace with water, causing you and your family members to scream in excitement and exultation. Once you and your family members are on this banana tube, you have to hold it as tightly as you can to survive and win the race, because the speedboat is about to overturn an inflatable boat that leaves people in the water. Tries.

Water Sports

If you keep it alive, you win it. The next breathtaking ride is a parasailing ride in Goa. Parasailing is considered one of the most adrenaline-charged activities in Goa. These colorful parachutes are associated with a moving car, truck, or primarily boat. You will be given a comfortable seat and you can also control your speed and direction. It is a wonderful experience when you swim high through the blue sky above the beautiful and vast blue sea. We offer a combo pack combined with parasailing along with other water sports activities. It does not require any skills, but if you are a courageous person, this is an activity that you must do !!


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With the moderate prices of these rides, our safety guides and experts will take full charge of your safety during your great experience of banana rides and parasailing rides in Goa. We ensure that every customer or passenger feels safe during the ride and enjoys it to the fullest. Goa offers many other fun activities that should be on your list but banana rides in Goa and banana rides should top the list when you visit Goa.

Have you ever visited the most adventurous place in India? If not, hurry to pack your bags and experience the funniest water sports game in Goa. Goa is one of the most wanted treasures for tourism and experiencing a lot of fun-loving sports in the water as well as the pure air in the sky.