If you are planning for Road Trip then you should visit the Amboli Ghat waterfall gives a pleasant feeling to every traveler passing from the road. Amboli is situated in the beautiful Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. Amboli is the last hill station of Maharashtra. And there is nothing better than playing in the monsoon rain. due to extreme rainfall, the forest persists green here. Cloud covering the clouds in Amboli.

Amboli waterfalls

More About Amboli WaterFall

Rainfall during monsoon season brings smiles on a face and greenery in nature. The rain comes like a blessing because of its relief feeling from the hot humid weather. The highest rainfall in Maharashtra occurs in Amboli.

Amboli is encompassed by dense and green forests throughout the year. Amboli is a very attractive hill station. Where you will have a great time with your family. On the way to the Amboli Waterfall, you will find a lot of naughty monkeys gangs. Sahyadri hills are the center of attraction of Amboli.

Amboli waterfalls

Amboli is located at a height of 2200 feet. Due to high heights, the climate prevails fragile all the time. Amboli displays the earth’s paradise in the rainy season. Natural beauty like Amboli you will hardly find in India. The weather in Amboli is calm. Good wind enhances its beauty.

The road that runs along the water running on the stairs while going to the waterfall can never be forgotten. Water in Amboli befalls on the head of huge rocks. The sound of falling water is formed in the form of a harmonious sound. Then a magical feel turns out.

Amboli Ghat waterfalls

The language spoken in Amboli is Marathi, but Hindi and English are also spoken there. The best time to visit Amboli is from June to August when the monsoon is at its peak.

The nearest airport in Amboli is Goa International Airport – 67 km from Amboli. Belgaum Airport is 80 km away.

The nearest railway station is Belgaum 68 km, Miraj 140 km, Kolhapur km, Sawantwadi is located at a distance of 28 km. The distance from Amboli to Mumbai is 470 km. Maharashtra State transport buses run from Belgaum, Sawantwadi, Miraj to Amboli.

Amboli Ghat Waterfall

Stay Amboli,

There are many hotels and resorts in Amboli, in which many amenities like breakfast room, breakfast, lunch are available, if you go to monsoon at very reasonable prices, then you have to book before.

Amboli has more water activity as well

Sitting Bumper
Sleeping Bumper
Banana Ride
Speed Boat ride

Jet Ski


Amboli is the most popular tourist destination due to natural beauty. Jet ski is an adventure place to remember in Amboli. Jet Ski in Amboli for Adventure Lover no less than heaven Jet ski ride after Amboli Waterfall doubles your enthusiasm.

Sleeping Ride

Sitting bumper

Sitting a bumper ride is the most widespread ride-around attraction. In the sitting bumper ride, the large rubber tube is filled with air and pulled in open water by speed boat. By which bumper riders see themselves jumping with water waves. Which is a thrilling experience in itself?

Bumper Ride

Sleeping Bumper

Sleeping Bumper Ride is similar to Sitting Ride. The sleeping bumper is rolled and rolled in the rides. All the water games are incomplete without sleeping bumper ride, Sleeping Bumper Ride is a thrilling experience for adventure lover.


Banana Ride

The banana rides have an inflatable boat that looks like bananas. It is pulled by speed boat and pulled at a faster speed. Can ride 4 to 8 people for banana rides. Banana rides are considered to be the most thrilling of watersports activity.


Speed Boat ride

According to your name speed boat is a very fast boat, which has a very powerful engine. Due to very fast speed, the balance has to be maintained in it. The speed boat ride is the most thrilling ride.