Ever thought, what if you are thrown from a height of 200 feet? 

If not, then this is the time to think because if you are thrown from that height, then you will get the best thrill of your life. The catch is that you won’t die, but just be hanging in the air and enjoy the view by being upside down in the air. Bungee jumping in Goa is the most exciting and popular adventure sport which you should try out. Goa is one of the best destinations where you should try out bungee jumping.

And if you are a beginner then you are at the right place we will give you every detail which is necessary for a beginner

The details about bungee jumping which are essential for your safety and comfort.

bungee jumping

Bungee jumping in Goa

What is bungee jumping?

Bungee jumping is an adventurous activity of jumping from a high place with a secured long nylon-cased rubber band on your ankles. 

We would like to give you important details about bungee jumping in Goa. Also, Goa is the best for Adventure activities.

Bungee jumping involves thrill and high adventure and it is dangerous too; That is why bungee jumping requires a sufficient amount of practice and training. Proper trainer and backup of a new instructor are necessary while performing this activity. 

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The thrill of bungee jumping

If you are planning to try out bungee jumping in India, then Goa is an excellent destination. This activity is not for week hearted people, because it requires mental strength. The bungee jumping in Goa is a lifetime experience. Because if you try out this activity your heart will blow away with the thrill.

Bungee jumping only needs mental courage but it also does not need much physical strength.  This activity has to be performed with full safety. Because if it is not then this activity can be dangerous.

 Most of the accidents take place either due to defective equipment, lack of experience or inefficient instructor.

Goa water sports is a joyful delight for all the photographers and beach lovers as it leaves you with a blissful experience of one of the best water sports in Goa beaches.

Bungee jumping is one of the most thrilling activities in Goa that helps you to overcome your fears. Bungee jumping is an activity in Goa that involves jumping from a tall structure and you are attached to an elastic-banded rope.

 The thrill comes from free falling and rebound. Bungee jumping has been one of the best upcoming activity for adventure lovers in Goa. International standards were established and experts made this activity more thrilling, yet 100% safe.

For the same ultimate adrenaline rush, 200 feet bungee jumping is one of the most spectacular experiences anyone can have. Targeting everyone with a taste for adventure in Goa and bungee jumping is an activity most people are capable of undertaking.

Every instructor has to follow the STANZ

and you must be curious about,

What is STANZ?

Every operator maintains strict safety measures which are necessary for all the divers. All the operators follow the STANZ which is Standard of Australia and New Zealand, which is a benchmark for international safety standards for those who are going to participate in bungee jumping.

 All equipment and other gadgets are specially designed by the best brands and supplied to these operators. So before you make the great leap, the crew and members will ensure that all your safety gear is according to STANZ norms. 

Bungee trainers are masters will lead you through a quick briefing which will help you to enjoy the adrenaline rush and also stay relaxed.

Most of the operators maintain strict safety measures which are vital for all the participants. All the operators follow the STANZ or Standard of Australia and New Zealand. 

It is a benchmark for international safety standards for those who are going to participate in bungee jumping.

Rishikesh, Kolad, Goa, Jagdalpur, Bangalore are the bungee jumping spots in India.

And if you are thinking about

Why should I try bungee jumping in Goa?

The feeling:-

If you have ever wonder how it feels like to be a bird if not, then bungee jumping will make you feel like a bird and when you jump and you are in the air you will get the best feeling of your life. 

The view:-

bungee jumping view in Goa

Bungee jumping view

The view of bungee jumping in goa is just amazing, This view just cannot be expressed in words, because you must experience it. Because the real thrill is in experiencing it in a place having the best natural beauty, and no other place is as good as Goa when it comes to natural beauty.

The height:-

The height of bungee jumping in Goa is approximately next to  200 feet, And the best part is that you will experience the birds view and not ants view of the earth as we have always seen the earth from ants view when you try out bungee jumping you will understand how amazing it feels when you have a birds view.

Trust yourself:-

After bungee jumping, you will trust yourself that you can do it and you will no longer be afraid of heights you have fought your fear.

It is like an achievement:- 

Bungee jumping is like an achievement for those who are trying out bungee jumping in goa for the first time. Because at that height people get scared.

Have an Adventure:-

Bungee jumping sports

Amazing adventure sports Bungee jumping

Everybody has a bucket list and most of them have bungee jumping in their bucket list. And if your bucket list does not include bungee jumping then just add it, because it is worth adding it. Everybody wants to fulfil their bucket list and if you are planning too, then this is the time when you can fulfil it.

All about Bungee jumping in Goa

What is the height of Bungee jumping spot in Goa?

              It is not the highest spot in India, but it is High enough to give you the thrill. The height of bungee jumping in Goa is approximately up to 200 feet high.

What is the cost of bungee jumping in Goa?

              Bungee jumping in Goa price varies from company to company. Pace tour packages provide you with these services at a very reasonable rate.

What to wear for Bungee jumping in Goa?

               The person trying out bungee jumping in Goa Should take care that wears, he/she must wear a sports shoe or strapped floater. You must also remember to wear a light and good quality t-shirt which can make you feels comfortable. 

Things to avoid carrying while going for Bungee jumping in Goa

               You should not carry any Precious item or any bag with you because you may have a chance of losing it. The person trying out bungee jumping should not wear sunglasses, high heels, sandals, slippers, a shirt and another uncomfortable garment because it can cause a problem and make you feel irritating. 

There are various other adventure sports in Goa 

 Flyboarding in Goa

Flyboarding In goa is one of the most exciting watersports activity of Goa. It gives you wings in your legs. Attach it to the watercraft, hop on and the water will move your feet on the device. Flyboarding is a hydro-flight device which puts force to drive into the air.

We also provide a super cool shirt, photographs, video and drinking water to keep yourself hydrated.

Parasailing in Goa

If you want to fly high in the sky above the clear seawater and feel the breeze, then this is the Best water sports in Goa for you. Parasailing in Goa is one such water sports activity that is sure to raise your heartbeat. In goa, scuba diving is done at the grande island Goa

In parasailing, you will experience how clear the sky is from above and the clear seawater. You will be able to fly in the air with the help of a parachute that remains attached to a powerful boat. 

Scuba diving in Goa

Goa is a wonderful place for Scuba Diving. Scuba Diving in Goa is one of the best watersports adventure activity in Goa, in which scuba divers take you to dive underwater with all the necessary safety kit Such as Diving Mask, Drysuit, Fins, Diving cylinder, etc and also Enjoy the underwater magical marine world.

Jet-ski in Goa

Jet ski is the simplest, enjoying, and the most popular watersports activity of Goa

 There are many beaches where one can enjoy the Jet-ski ride in Goa.  The pleasant and calm environment of the beaches in Goa is unforgettable. Also, this environment makes this ride even more memorable for people who try it. We ensure that you enjoy the most of your time at the beaches in Goa.  Enjoy yourself to the fullest along with proper safety measures.