Grande Island Goa

If you want to experience the magnificent beauty, magical world of underwater nature, then there is nothing better than scuba diving at grande island Goa. Now is the time to explore the underwater wonders of the sea. It is time to explore marine life in water. If you want a memorable holiday with your partner, then you should choose scuba diving at grande island goa.

It is for those who want a vacation on exotic sandy beaches. This will be your best holidays at Grande island Goa. Cold and calm waves make it an attractive water sports destination of India. Scuba diving at grande island goa is simply out of the world experience for its beautiful aquatic life, colourful and rich corals. 

Witness some of the most beautiful corals and marine life at Grande Island Goa. Our certified and experienced Scuba divers will provide you sessions and will give you detailed knowledge and adequate safety equipment so that you do not face any restraints when diving underwater. 

grande island goa

goa’s most popular tourist spot

Get some photos and videos too while you dive underwater so that you could cherish the memories later. We believe that success is measured by the number of satisfied customers and that has always been our endeavour. So experience the marvels of the hidden sea with pace tour packages. Scuba Diving at Grande island Goa. 

Scuba diving is maybe the best way to explore the exotic underwater world that is a marine universe where you can have experience flora and fauna and different diversity of colourful marine life. 

Ilha Grande is popularly known as the Grand Island or Bat Island or Monkey Beach. Scuba Diving is an outstanding activity that is included in our Goa tour packages. Clean and breezy beaches of Goa are the beauty that one would not miss the opportunity of doing Scuba Diving in Grande Island goa. 

We stop at the grande island goa, where you could see the beautiful Marine life, coral reefs, shipwreck, and aquatic plants which adds beauty to your eyes.


Where are the best beaches in India?  
At which place can you enjoy the best scuba diving in India? 
which is the cheapest scuba diving spot in India?

The answer to every question is just one and that is

                                             Grande Island Goa

 Now the question arises, Why?

So here the reason, why to Experience scuba diving in Goa?

But, before I start, 

What type of scuba diving would you like?
What things will you check before going for scuba diving in a particular place?

Scuba diving at grande island Goa is one of the most enjoying watersports activities of Goa. Goa is well known for its amazing beaches and scenic beauty of those beaches the mesmerizing view of the beaches makes Goa one the most famous tourist attraction of India.

Scuba diving at grande island goa is known some amazing features which you won’t get to see at any other places some of the features are 

1) Cheap rates

The cost of scuba diving in India differs from company to company. The cost of scuba diving at Grande island Goa is usually less than most of the places in India. And we also provide quality services, which is the biggest reason why people prefer to visit Goa.


2) Tourist attraction

Goa is not only known for its Scuba diving but it also has some other watersports activity too, Such as Flyboarding, jetski, parasailing, snorkelling, bumper ride, speed boat ride, etc.

The list of Goa does not end here there are various boat trips in Goa such as adventure boat trip, Grand Island boat Trip, Private cruise party and Dudh Sagar waterfall trip

Every boat trip has something in special and this makes it more amazing.

Also, the best part of scuba diving is that it has shipwrecks to explore. It is a centre of attraction for divers 

3) Scuba Diving Spots

At the grande island, there are various scuba diving spots with variations in all the spots

Shelter cove

Baga beach

The jetty

Sail rock

Bounty bay

Grande banks

Suzy’s wreck

Davy jones lockers

Every spot gives you a different feeling and a different view

4) Marine life

These places range from 6 meters to 20 meters of Depth or more and various marine life like the fishes seen over here, there is Butterflyfish, Bannerfish, Pufferfish, Blenny fish, small barracuda, Tuna, Sharks, cattle fish, nurse sharks, mullets Red snappers, batfish, barracudas, parrotfish, angelfish, stonefish etc. It also has some amazing coral reefs, this is the speciality of Goa.

marine life in Goa

The life underwater


5) Transparent water

Every diver only keeps two things in mind i.e. The underwater marine life and the clarity of water the most important feature of scuba diving at grande island Goa is Clarity of water for scuba diving which makes it better as the marine life is visible and makes it more enjoying for a diver. 

Scuba Diving In Grand island

Crystal clear water

Many companies offer water sports in Goa. But Pace Tour Package offers you a complete water sports package, best adventure activities, tours, treks, all water sports and excursion services in India. At the lowest price. Pace tour packages offer you amazing scuba diving packages that are cost-efficient and worth spending every penny.

Can non-swimmers do scuba diving?

People are usually afraid of scuba diving because they don’t know swimming and that restricts them from enjoying this activity.

Yes, scuba diving at grande island Goa can be practised by non-swimmers too and this is the best part of scuba diving in goa.

Following are the inclusions for scuba diving at grande island Goa

We also provide Pick / Drop from Baga, Calangute, Candolim, Sinquerim, An instructor will be there with you while you dive in the open sea and supervise you (Approx 20 Min) we also provide refreshments like light snacks/ fruits, water/ juice / Biscuits and even soft drinks are provided Beer, Soft Drinks, Waterbottle and also Lunch which is Veg/ Non-Veg both, you will also be provided with necessary equipment for scuba diving.