Get away from the routine life of work, worry, and stress and take a pause from your city life and experience a holiday to a hot new destination called Kolad, the adventure capital of Maharashtra which has a perfect beauty to offer and is waiting to be explored. Kundalika is a beautiful place to do river rafting and other water sports activity with your love once.

If you’ve ever assumed about backpacking off to green fields and cascading waterfalls among the verdant mountains, you don’t have to travel up north to exposure setting like that anymore. Kolad – a peaceful village in the Raigad district of Maharashtra – is home to some of the most majestic valleys and natural beauty that was hidden away from the rest of the world until recent times.

Nature lovers and hikers already know of this gem in the Sahyadris that has been gaining impetus by day as a popular destination for adventure sports, river rafting, but there’s more to this ancient settlement than just that. The primary tourist places in Kolad shout out loud white water rafting and trekking into the wild.

More About Kundalika River Rafting

The beautiful landscaping valleys of Kolad have a beauty of their own during the monsoons in Maharashtra. The village is located alongside the banks of the magnificent Kundalika river, the fastest flowing river of the South.

Kolad’s spectacular locale makes it a popular hotspot during the monsoons.  You can experience the true spectacle of nature in cold. Courtesy the various climatic conditions in Kolad, every season gives you a chance to unwind in several ways.

But one of the most popular & interesting adventurous activities in Kolad is “River Rafting“. In recent years Kundlika River Rafting, In Kolad has gained prominence in the tourism sector.

White Water Rafting
Looking For a Weekend Getaway? The activity is done on a  beautiful river, Kundalika, which arises in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra and ends in the Arabian Sea. Splashing through dense forests and rice fields, this is the only river in Maharashtra on which river rafting is possible.

Kundalika River Rafting is an astonishing activity that provides you the package of thrill, adventure, fun, pleasure, and relaxation all at once. You will enjoy rafting in the range of 12 km with exciting rapids making it extraordinary fun in your life.

You will be doing this with an experienced guide and as this river is highly safe and has been recognized as a water sports center which leaves you with no doubts concerning your safety.

River Rafting or White Water Rafting is a fabulous outdoor adventurous watersports activity. In which, we use inflatable rafting boats and carbon paddles to do river rafting.
Inflatable Rafting Boats
River Rafting In Kundalika River
Kundaalika River Rafting is a recreational adventure sport, in which a raft is used to float through the waters. It was popularised as a holiday sport in the mid-1970s and has now become an immensely attractive activity that people love to conduct during their holidays.

This challenging journey is usually done on different degrees and rapids of untamed waters. A lot of difficulties are involved in this activity, which is why it demands some particular techniques of maneuvering.

Two of the principal techniques needed to conduct this activity successfully are punching and high siding. Punching requires the team to paddle the raft fast so that it gains enough speed to push through the hydraulic current.

Inflatable Rafting Boats made with rubber and filled with air. Therefore Inflatable Rafting Boat float on river water.

To do The Kundalika River Rafting we need some equipment, for instance,

Life Jacket
Carbon Paddles
Rescue Throw Bags

Kundalika River rafting allows you to paint the canvas of your life with some unforgettable experiences. It enables you to hear the voice of the heart, saying that the pangs of life form a very small part of the beauty that it beholds.

The pangs that life comes across to are meant to be sung to tap on the music that it constitutes.

Here’s When You Can Go:

As Kundalika River rafting is operational throughout the year, there is no such best time for Kundlika River Rafting.  That means Kundlika River Rafting is available 365 days.

Throughout this time the region is home to several migratory birds and separate from the waterfalls, Kundalika river offers exquisite views, a peaceful and calm atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

We have seen that most visitors prefer “Kundlika River Rafting in monsoon season (June to September)“. We can surely say that in monsoon season you will get astonishing experiences while doing Kundlika River Rafting.

Kolad River Rafting

Because greenery encompassing the spout waterfalls and roaring water in the river strives for a thrilling rafting experience.
People who are not much familiar with ‘heavy’ rainfall can participate in “rafting during the winter season (October – March)”.

You can also go to the “Kundlika River Rafting in summer season”. We can feel the harshness of heat during the summer season in India. To beat this type of heat you must go for River Rafting in Kolad in the summer season.

No matter what time you choose for Kundalika River Rafting. Always you will be able to see the lush greenery, stunning waterfalls, and roaring river strive for a thrilling rafting experience.

A weekend here is a memorable get away from the routine and coming in search of some fresh air. You will find yourself amid Nature with wonderful trails.

This beautiful kundalika river is surrounded by dense forest, unexplored valley, some fascinating migratory birds and some breath-taking views making it one of the ideal places for the adventure seekers and nature lovers’.

Just invest some time here and you will return with some unforgettable memories with you. Kundalika river rafting is something that should be on your do-to list. High siding is required if the raft go sideways; so to stop the raft from flipping, rafters move to its higher side to balance the raft. As it is a dangerous sport, proper safety precautions should be observed while undertaking it.