The world above water is good but have you ever experienced the world underwater, the vegetation, the marine life, the unavoidable beauty of the sea which you see on the discovery channel. Ever thought how does it feel to touch the marine life or admire them in the sea? Scuba diving is the most enjoyable watersports activity of all times. You can find some wonderful species of marine animals. You can come across plenty of sites in India for scuba diving but from where to start the answer is Scuba diving at Tarkarli beach you cannot miss this beautiful spot of scuba diving which can be experienced with a pocket-friendly budget and there is one more place which is near to Tarkarli beach that is Scuba diving at Chivla beach.

Tarkarli as this name comes to your mind the first thing that hits your mind is beaches but Tarkarli is something more, In Malvan the Most Famous activity is Scuba Diving at Tarkarli beach and Chivla beach.

Scuba Diving at tarkarli beach

About Malvan

Malvan is a small town in the Sindhudurg district. It also has some peaceful beaches with a long shoreline. Chivla beach is a part of Malvan. Also, compared to Tarkarli, Chivla Beach is much closer to Malvan Jetty. Apart from offering a perfect beach destination, Malvan is also known for its delicious cuisine. Malvan food is made uniquely with a large amount of coconut used in their dishes. Malvani cuisines are a combination of Maharashtrian and Goan cuisines.

There are many beautiful places in India where you can experience Scuba Diving. One Amongst them is Tarkarli beach and Chivla beach in Malvan. Scuba diving at Tarkarli beach is amazing and so at Chivla beach, but Tarkarli looks a bit dull in front of Chivla beach. Chivla is a beautiful beach with rich underwater beauty such as coral reefs, exotic fishes and much more. And as you know that Malvan has clean water and it is also safe for the people diving for the first time. This gives a competitive advantage to Chivla and Tarkarli.

Speciality of Tarkarli

When the weather is great and the sky is clear you can surely see the seabed as deep as 20ft. Tarkarli is popularly known as coral beaches because of its eye-pleasing corals. You can also find lots of crabs, shells, lobsters and see a lot of animals outside the water and on the beaches too.


Scuba diving at Tarkarli beach

The speciality of Chivla beach

The clean Chivla beach is ‘C’ shaped with concrete triangle rocks laid thru-out & a lane passing parallel, completely  Similar to Marine drive and it is safe for swimming. You can enjoy scuba diving, snorkelling & visit Sindhudurg Fort. It feels good going on a vacation to Chivla beach considering the location & hospitality. Once you visit this place you won’t feel like leaving and even if you leave you will never forget the memories of Chivla beach.


Scuba diving at Chivla beach

Best Time To Visit Chivla Beach And Tarkarli Beach

You cannot enjoy scuba diving for the whole year because Chivla faces heavy rains. You can enjoy Scuba diving at Tarkarli from October to April.

Cost Of Scuba Diving in Tarkarli And Chivla

The Scuba diving in Tarkarli price is approximately next to 1200 Rupees but the cost of Scuba diving in Chivla beach is cheaper than this which is 800 rupees and makes your Scuba diving more memorable.

Why Choose Chivla Beach And Tarkali For Scuba Diving?

There are various places where you can enjoy the amazing watersports activity such as Scuba Diving In Goa and Pondicherry too, but the event at Chivla is different. Scuba diving in Chivla will expose you to beautiful sceneries all around the area. The best part about Chivla beach is that even Non-swimmers can experience Scuba Diving. Not only diving, but you can also visit the intimidating Sindhudurg fort which has a long history and famous royal tales.

Why Choose us?

Pace Tour Packages provide amazing packages for scuba diving at Chivla and we assure you that your overall experiences of Scuba diving at Chivla will be amazing and unforgettable. Pace Tour Packages, organize Scuba diving in Malvan & adventure watersports in Malvan. Nonswimmer and kids with a minimum height of 3 feet also can do this all water sports activities in Malvan. We provided basic training and other equipment which is necessary for scuba diving.

Visiting this destination will fill your soul with fun and thrill giving you a lot of new experiences. It is a must-visit diving spot, especially for the people experiencing scuba diving for the first time.