People usually keep working there whole life and they Don’t remove time for their enjoyment and live just like black and white life, there is no adventure in their life. Where you work every day with their old routine and this reduces their efficiency as they haven’t tried anything new so, if you want to experience the mesmerizing and an unforgettable view of your life this is the time to do it, It is said that the ones who enjoy their life never get old, If you enjoy your life you will “Live young and Die young” it is a thought said by an amazing traveller. So if you are thinking of where to start the adventure, then your answer is Scuba diving in Goa.

Scuba Diving In Goa

There are many beautiful places in India, one amongst them is Goa. The Most Attracted Tourist places in India is Goa. Because Goa has everything special in the whole state.

Be it beaches, cuisine, Water sports activities, Boat parties, Adventure trips, Churches, Etc and the best amongst all this is the Watersports activities in Goa.

There are various water sports activities in Goa such as bumper ride, Jetski, Banana ride, Parasailing, Flyboarding, Snorkelling, Speed boat ride, and last but not the least the best water sports activity which is Scuba diving in Goa.

Why is Scuba Diving the best in Goa?

It is because of the most amazing watersports activity is Scuba diving in Goa.

And before you think about why and how I would tell you Scuba diving is scuba stands for self-contained underwater breathing apparatus.

You can explore underwater marine life in the best possible way through scuba diving because the water clarity of Goa beaches is Uncomparable. Therefore you can see underwater marine life such as corals, fishes, and various types of marine creatures through scuba diving. Which gives you the feeling as if you are in heaven.

Before going for Scuba diving activity people usually check other places where scuba diving is practised

Scuba Diving In Goa

People think about the options or we can say the number of places Scuba diving is practised in India

So in India, scuba diving is practised at Andaman and Nicobar Island, Lakshwadeep, Karnataka, Maharashtra and at last comes Goa. Scuba Diving is only enjoying if you get that amazing view of proper vegetation and marine life Only clean water is not enough for Scuba diving what makes Scuba diving unique is the view which you see, And Goa has both the specification the clean water, the natural vegetation and the coral reefs makes Unique and better spot for scuba diving in Goa India, from others.

Scuba diving is practised at-bat island in Goa which is next to the grand island and at the grande island.


There are various places for Scuba diving in Goa every place gives you a different view of scuba diving some of them are

These are the best place for scuba diving in Goa

Shelter cove

Sail rock

Bounty bay

Grande banks

Turbo tunnel

Davy Jones locker

Suzy’s wreck

Shelter Cove:-

Shelter coves depth is not more than 10 meters that spot is very suitable for beginners.

Sail Rock:-

The speciality of Sail rock is that it has amazing aquatic marine life Blossoming in the Sea of Goa.

Bounty Bay

Bounty Bay:-

It is the best spot for kids and beginners because the depth is pretty low it is approximately 6meters so the water is pretty much clear.

Grand banks

Grand banks: –

This diving site is located between two islands. You can see amazing marine life and the coral formations everywhere. It is an amazing place for diving.

Suzy's Wreck In Goa


David jones locker:-

At this spot, there is a shipwreck we call Gloria Its depth is up to 14 meters, this site is a pleasure for scuba divers. Due to high tides, It is suggested that only experienced divers should dive here.

Suzy’s Wreck:-

This has a depth of 30 meters. At this spot experienced and a beginner can go for scuba diving.

Grande island In Goa

This is about the Scuba diving spots of Grande island and talking about the fishes seen over here, there is Butterflyfish, Bannerfish, Puffers, Groupers, Blenny fish, small barracuda, Tuna, Sharks, cattle fish, nurse sharks, mullets Red snappers, batfish, barracudas, parrotfish, angelfish, stonefish, etc are the aquatic animals found next to the Grand Island.

This was about the places for Scuba diving in Goa now people will think places are good, but how to reach there you can take a boat of your own or go with other people who are going for Scuba Diving.

Then comes the safety of the people you can only Trust PADI Certified Divers for Scuba diving.

We have all the PADI certified Divers for Scuba diving so you don’t have to worry about your safety as your safety is our priority.

Safety is only possible if you have the proper equipment and you don’t have to worry about that also, because we provide all the necessary equipment for a good scuba diving experience.

And if you are curious about which types of equipment you will wear then we will give you a small list of it

Diving Mask



Scuba Gloves

Oxygen Tank


Computer watch

Necessary Equipment For Scuba Diving In Goa

These are all the necessary equipment needed for a safe and amazing scuba diving experience in Goa.

These are the necessary things you must have thought well we would like to share somethings

Scuba diving can not be enjoyed the whole year if you want to experience scuba diving in Goa then the best time for it is October to April.

Scuba diving cannot be practised by everyone there is a limitation a kid below 10 years Cancer, Brain Tumour, Asthma, Pregnant Women are the ones who cannot enjoy scuba diving.

But, the good part about Scuba diving is that even Non-swimmers can enjoy scuba diving.

And some important things you should remember before going for scuba diving which may bring bigger consequences.

Who Can't Do Scuba Diving?

Do not drink alcohol before diving

Eat something but do not eat in excess

Pay attention to all the guidelines given by instructors

Pay attention to all the guidelines given by instructors

Don’t get under peer pressure while diving.

Well now if you have known enough about scuba diving in Goa, Now if you think about the cost than here it is

Cost of Scuba diving In Goa

You can see variations in price as you check out some different website but we try to provide our services to the Customer at the least cost.

the price of scuba diving in Goa is 2999Rs. it is available at reasonable rates.

This is not the end we provide various other complementary services in this which are

Pick / Drop from Baga, Calangute, Candolim, Sinquerim and some Places in North Goa

An instructor-supervised dive in the open sea(Approx 20 Min.)

Light snacks/ fruits, water/ juice / Biscuits

Beer, Soft Drinks, Waterbottle

Lunch Veg/ Non-Veg


Equipment rental

Dolphin Sightseeing

If these reasons Don’t impress you we have something for you which will tell you why you should try scuba diving in Goa

Cheap scuba diving rates in Goa

Scuba diving in the shipwrecks

Scuba diving is done in crystal clear water

Goa is a popular tourist attraction

This was just a trailer of scuba diving in Goa and if you want to watch the whole movie you can experience scuba diving and you will understand that you are having the best experience of your life

This was about scuba diving in Goa but there is a lot more in Goa

Not only more of watersports activities but also Some amazing bot trips too.

Flyboarding, Jetski ride, Banana ride, Speed boat ride, Parasailing, Snorkelling are the best watersports activity in Goa.

And when it comes to boat trips Goa has an adventure boat trip, Grand island boat trip and they also have a cruise boat trip.

Goa has something for everyone nobody will empty-handed without enjoying.

Dudhsar Waterfall In Goa

Dudhsagar waterfall 

The Place that can serve as a perfect spot for nature lovers is the Dudhsagar falls. It is one of the greatest waterfalls in India. It has a height of 1017 feet. The peaceful beauty of this waterfall attracts a lot of tourists. One of the scenes of the famous Bollywood movie. Chennai Express the Starring superstar Shah Rukh Khan is also Shot at this majestic Dudhsagar Fall. If you are planning to visit Dudhsagar falls then do not forget to carry food and snacks for yourself because you would not find any restaurant or food stall over there because of its remote location.

If you want to see pleasant weather and gushing, tamed water view in the Dudhsagar Waterfall in Goa then we suggest from July to September. Because this is a perfect period when you can see lovely water flow.

Now, if you feel like visiting Goa don’t hold yourself back just pack your bags and travel to Goa and enjoy the most adventurous watersports activities of Goa then don’t think much just book your tickets and plan a trip to Goa, explore and make it your life’s most memorable trip.