Dudhsagar Waterfall in Goa

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Dudhsagar Waterfall in Goa

Just add an exciting tour to your vacation in Goa i.e Dudhsagar Waterfall in Goa Trip & make your Goa trip memorized forever. We offer you a fun-filled tour of Goa’s Dudhsagar falls trip, Jeep Safari, Spice Plantation, Old Goa Churches and much more. Observe and enjoy all of these amazing sites in a single day trip.

The grand course of white water, spouting over the precarious, about a vertical face of the mountain from a tremendous height of 1017ft; is both stunning and remarkable, making one mindful that there are numerous powers in nature significantly more effective than the human personality and body.

Know More About Dudhsagar Waterfall in Goa

Among the top 5 waterfalls in India, Dudhsagar falls in Goa is the 3rd largest waterfall in India.

The name ‘Dudhsagar’ actually means ‘sea of milk’ which numerous accept is a reference to the white splash and froth that the considerable waterfall makes as it falls into the waters of the lake. The falls are at their peak amid the storm season, despite the fact that they are a well-known fascination lasting through the year.

Height of Dudhsagar almost 310 m (1017 feet) and width 30 meters (100 feet) with this height and width, Dudhsagar Waterfall in Goa is the 3rd largest waterfall in India after

  • Kunchikal Falls, Karnataka – 455m (1,493 ft)
  • Nohkalikai Falls, Meghalaya – 340m (1115 feet).
  • Dudhsagar Fallsmbjh, Goa – 310 m (1017 feet)

Dudhsagar falls in Goa Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit this place totally depends on your mood and your choice. You can go there at any time.

If you want to see pleasant weather and gushing, tamed water view in the Dudhsagar Waterfall in Goa then we suggest from the month of October to June. Because this is a perfect period when you can see pleasant weather and gush, tamed water views in the waterfall.


Dudhsagar Waterfalls in Goa Image


And if you want to see furious, exquisite water flow then monsoon months from July to September are perfect for you. Because from July to September you can see furious, yet exquisite water flow.

In conclusion

  • From the month of October to June you will see pleasant weather and gushing, tamed water view in the Dudhsagar Waterfall in Goa.
    Monsoon Month between July to September you will see furious, exquisite water flow

Why I should visit Dudhsagar Waterfall in Goa?

  • Dudhsagar is the 3rd largest waterfall in India
  • you want to see pleasant weather and gushing, tamed water view in the waterfall
  • If you want to see furious, exquisite water flow then you must visit Dudhsagar Waterfall in Goa.
  • you can see the beauty of nature at Dudhsagar waterfall in Goa.



Dudhsagar Waterfall Image


Dudhsagar waterfall location

The 3rd largest waterfall in India Dudhsagar waterfall located at the Mandovi River of Karnataka and Goa. By road, it is 60km away from Panaji (capital of Goa). Dudhsagar waterfall is at the Goa Karnataka border.



Dudhsagar Waterfall in Goa Image


How to reach Dudhsagar Waterfall?

To reach Dudhsagar waterfall, the train is convenient for you, then you can opt any of the following

  • The 1st option you have that you can take the morning train from Madgaon railway station (Goa) to Kulem railway station (Goa). Don’t confuse the Kulem with Kalem because these stations are at opposite ends.
  • The 2nd option you can opt that you can take a train from Castle Rock station and get off the nearest station of Dudhsagar waterfall
  • The 3rd option you can choose that you can take from Sonalium Railway Station.

If you prefer by road to reach Dudhsagar waterfall then, you can take a jeep from Kulem to Dudhsagar Waterfall.

How to book Dudhsagar Waterfall Trip?

You can book Dudhsagar Waterfall in Goa Trip online by No1 Travel Agency in India Pace Tour Packages by giving just a message or by giving a missed call from your number.

You can not only book Dudhsagar waterfall Trip but also many watersports activities, for instance, Scuba Diving, Banana Ride, Jet-Ski, etc.

Why should book Dudhsagar Waterfall Trip with you?

we provide many facilities that make you Dudhsagar Waterfall Trip memorable and enjoyable.
For instance,

  • Pick-Up / Drop from Baga, Calangute, Candolim, Sinquerim, Panjim
  • Transportation
  • Jeep Safari to the waterfall
  • Relax at the waterfall
  • Jeep Safari back to Mollem
  • Journey to the Spice plantation
  • Time at the spice plantation
  • Spice plantation to Old Goa
  • Old Goa’s churches
  • Drop from Old Goa to hotel

And many more

If You Are In Goa You Must Try These Following Watersports Activities


Scuba Diving In Goa

We all know that Goa and there beaches how attractive it is. So Goa is a wonderful place for Scuba DivingScuba Diving in Goa is a watersports Adventure activity included in Goa Tour Packages, in which scuba divers take you to dive underwater with safety kit Such as Diving Mask, Drysuit, Fins, Diving cylinder, etc and Enjoy the underwater magical marine world.



Scuba Diving in Goa Image


Flyboarding In Goa

Flyboarding is a hydro-flight gadget that supplies impetus to drive into the air to play out a game known as hydro-flying or flyboarding up. A Flyboard rider remains on a load up associated with a long hose to a watercraft. Our package accompanies a super cool shirt, photographs, video and drinking water to keep yourself hydrated.



Flyboarding Image


Jet Ski In Goa

One of the most common and loved water sports activities is Jet Ski. There are various beaches where you can enjoy the Jet-ski ride. Jet Ski in Goa attracts a lot of tourists and travelers. The serene area calm environment of the beaches in Goa adds to the fun, making the ride of jet-ski even more memorable for people who try it. Again, all the safety measures are properly taken care of by our trained professionals. We ensure that you make the most of your time at the beaches in Goa by enjoying yourself to the fullest along with proper safety measures.



Jet-Ski Image


Banana Ride In Goa

Banana Ride in Goa is one such activity that the entire family can enjoy together. While spending time with your family or loved ones you would want to engage in activities that would strengthen the bond amongst you, In such cases banana ride would serve as a perfect water sport you could enjoy. In the Banana ride, a banana-shaped tube is attached to the speedboat. With the increase in the speed of the speedboat, the banana-tube attached to it also moves faster. This makes it difficult for the people riding the tube to maintain their balance. The banana ride is sure to provide you with the kind of thrill you will remember for a long time. The popularity of the Banana ride is increasing day by day and the number of people is willing to try this activity nowadays.



Banana Ride Image


Bumper Ride In Goa

We offer you an exciting Bumper Ride in Goa, which is also called Tubing. This activity involves riding a tiny round boat on the water. It is safe and suitable for adults and children. The Bumper will be attached to a speedboat and as the speed increases, you can feel the tiny boat jump. It’s a fun activity and will certainly leave you with a big smile on your face. Amongst the other activities that lure a number of tourists and travelers is the speedboat ride in Goa. People who love speed and are willing to try thrilling activities to pump up their adrenaline rush, Speedboat ride in Goa is meant for them.



Bumper Ride Image


Speed Boat Ride In Goa

Speed Boat Ride in Goa is outstanding daytime water sports so relish an energizing ride over the waves with your sidekick which is a fleeting activity, which can likewise be easily joined with various water sports to make a multi-activity day of you pick so! A standout amongst the most prevalent ocean water sports in Goa is the well-known Speed Boat Rides.

The speed and the breeze blowing against one’s face give a brain-blowing experience. In Goa, there are numerous shorelines. This gives an open entryway for speed pontoon rides. Numerous guests particularly the honeymooners in Goa are crazy for a speed pontoon ride. Speed fans who love to play with the water can’t miss getting into a speedboat.



Speed Boat Ride Image


Parasailing in Goa

If you want to fly high in the sky above the clear seawater and feel, then this is the Best water sports in Goa for you. Parasailing in Goa is one such water sports activity that is sure to pump up your adrenaline rush.


parasailing- in-goa-image

Parasailing Image


While parasailing you will be able to experience how it feels to fly high in the sky above the clear sea water. You will be able to fly in the air with the help of a parachute that remains attached to a powerful boat. With the movement of the boat, you will be raised to a certain height with the help of the attached parachute within a fraction of seconds.



  • Transport
  • Breakfast
  • Jeep Safari
  • Guided Tour at the spice plantation
  • Goan style buffet lunch at a spice plantation
  • Old Goa churches
  • All entry fees

Iternary (7:00 am to 5:30 pm)

  • 1


    Pick Up from hotel to Mollem

  • 2

    Jeep Safari to waterfall

    Ride in an open-jeep for around 45min to 1hr through Mollem National Park.

  • 3

    Relax at the waterfall

    Swim & get refreshed at the base of the waterfall while monkeys (langoors) keep you company. (life-jackets provided)

  • 4

    Jeep Safari back to Mollem

    Relax and regain your energy on your way back to Mollem for the next leg of your journey.

  • 5

    Journey to Spice plantation

    Make your way to Goa’s famous tropical spice plantation in the untouched/unpolluted village of Keri (Ponda)

  • 6

    Time at the spice plantation

    Take a guided tour of the spice plantation followed by Goan style buffet lunch (Veg/Non-Veg) and an elephant ride/shower (optional @700 per person/ride).

  • 7

    Spice plantation to Old Goa

    Relax on the way to Old Goa from spice plantation

  • 8

    Old Goa’s churches

    Be enchanted by the Sea Cathedral & Basilica of Bom Jesus which were built approximately 400 years ago and are now a part of UNESCO’s protected zones

  • 9

    Drop from Old Goa to hotel

    Relax on your way back to your hotel as your trip comes to an end.


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HImanshu - April 10 2019:

They booked our trip to dudhsagar waterfall which was very wonderful and the lunch at spice plantation was the best. Thank you Pace Tour Packages for the awesome experience!!

DAGADU PAWAR - January 02 2019:

Dudhsagar waterfall is very good place of enjoyment. Really awesome place

Rokeshuvaraj - January 02 2019:

On my exploration trip to Goa I decided to do something adventurous on my conversation with Pratik at the front office I decided to do the Waterfall ride it was the best thing I decided. Besides the dip under the Dudhsagar waterfall I enjoyed the spice plantations and we had a very well informed experience guide who made it even more interesting. Thanks Pace Tour Packages.

Abhishek Dambe - January 03 2019:

This was a lovely place to visit. And the waterfalls were just fabulous. The ultimate chilling place. I was gone with my family. Wonderful experience

Avinash vasant Dahibhate - January 03 2019:

What a wonderful day out. Buy some peanuts & bananas for your trip. The jeep drivers are great & give a very good talk on the way up to the jungle. The breed of monkey you get to meet are friendly & will open your hand if you are holding some nuts. They don’t like you taking water bottles up into the jungle, but fresh coconuts with the wonderful milk for you to sup so you are hydrated for the trip are on offer while you wait for your journey. As you are dropped Of you are given an hour to explore. So get to the falls as quickly as you can. So you can see the splendid carp in the water & like I did take a dip in the refreshing waters. Then you can walk back taking in the sites, feeding monkeys before the marvellous jeep journey out of the forest. A great experience, do try. Thank you pace tour packages

pooja durgavale - January 04 2019:

The Place is a beautiful place to go with friends and family. The place is good. But I would recommend you having a online booking for the Jeep so that you can avoid the big line.

nagma sayed - January 09 2019:

Nice place for a half day trip in Goa. Be sure to arrive by 10am to the ticket counter. It gets hot in the afternoon so going early is recommended. A 10 min trek from the parking area leads you to the milky falls.

Savindra - January 09 2019:

Would definitely recommend to book your next holiday with pace tour packages. Fantastic reliable service. Easy to book online. Great prices on tours and excursions. Waterfall and Spice Plantation trip with old goa churches booked with them was pretty well organized. Thank you.

Parita vahilani - January 10 2019:

It was all wonderful and outstanding with Pace Tour Packages. I had booked Waterfall trip with them as I had always seen this waterfall in movies and was excited to see it in real. It was indeed a paisa vasool trip though it started early morning @ 6:30 am. The waterfall was amazing, the goan buffet food at spice plantation was fabulous and the Temple and Churches were great. The customer service was exceptional. Would book my next activity with them soon.

Siddiq - January 10 2019:

me & my family had gone for waterfall trip, which was really amazing. Swimming at the waterfall was really refreshing & it was really great that life jacket they provide as we dont know swimming. we got little hungry but as we reached the spice plantation the goan buffet lunch was really fantastic. We also enjoyed the elephant ride and elephant shower. Pace tour packages really delivered what they had promised. We all had a really great day out. Thanks to Pace tour packages. We will definitely recommends our friends and as this tour is very good for family & couple.

Ojasvi - January 11 2019:

Just came back from our honeymoon trip in Goa. Had a great time at Dudhsagar Water fall, amazing jeep safari through the forest, good food and good people around. Friendly staff at pace tour packages who made our booking procedure simple. All in all, no complaints and looking forward to another trip with them soon.

Ganesh Akunuri - January 11 2019:

Such a wonderful and fabulous place I had visited still now??.Everyone should visit it..Best place for Holiday trip ?...we can see fishes very clearly inside the water...very pure and clean water...? View of ? traveling awesome ??...But sad thing is spending time is only one hour ??....I am a feared of water..but it is tooo good ❤️..one entered into water we don't know time...such a peaceful place..??.. enjoyed well and good?.......??..felt too visit again and again. Finally it's become my favourite ?? ?☺️ place. Thank You Pace Tour Packages.

Shubham gautam - January 12 2019:

Got my best experience ever at Dudhsagar Waterfall. Thank You Pace Tour Packages!

Rohit Sharan - January 16 2019:

Great experience and had fun. The time given to visit and enjoy Waterfall was limited though but it was a great experience... Kids really enjoyed

Tanay - January 16 2019:

Dudhsagar Is a very beautiful natural place. The waterfall is awesome. Sometimes the train passes then it looks more interesting.

devendra prajapat - January 16 2019:

One of the best experience of my life was when I traveled to DUDHSAGAR WATERFALL. It was really an unique experience among all other places which i visited in Goa. The most amazing part of the tour was watching the waterfall was amazing. Can't forget this trip thank u pace tour packages.

Ankur Jain - January 18 2019:

The natural beauty and white (milk) waterfall were the best. It was an awesome experience. Thank you pace tour packages

Monish Goradia - January 21 2019:

Paisa vasool trip! What a peaceful place! Best experience of jungle jeep safari and best food served at spice plantation. Thanks you so much Pace Tour Packages.

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