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Goa has a long coastline and breezy beaches it is also known for its tourist attraction and the water sports ride, but this is not the end, Goa also has a boat trip and last but not the least goa has the grand island boat trip.

Which are the popular boat trip in Goa?

There are various boat trips in Goa, but The Grand Island Trip is the most famous one amongst them.

Before starting the trip you must free yourself from the anxieties and feel free and enjoy this awesome Grand Island Trip. The real enjoyment of goa and real beauty is on the boat trip they have to the Grand Island.

Grand Island Trip By No.1 Travel Agency In India Pace Tour Packages.

The No.1 Travel Agency in India Pace Tour Packages provides some unexpected benefits to our special customers, who book the Grand Island Trip with us.

These are some unexpected benefits to our special customers


Pick up & Drop Facility From Your Hotel

Calangute, Arpora, Baga, Sinquerim, Nerul, and Candolim cover our pick-up and drop locations. If your hotel does not fall in these locations, pick-up and drop facilities can still be provided at an additional cost.


We provide snacks and beverages on the boat as breakfast.

We also provide you finger-licking veg and non-veg dishes at monkey beach in Goan style barbeque & buffet (lunch).

Relax by the beach or swim in the sea while our Goan chefs put up a scrumptious barbeque and Goan style buffet (veg/chicken/fish) for lunch.

Along with all the water sports services you can enjoy the sunset.

What Else is Included In The Grand Island Trip?



Snorkeling is a very refreshing and entertaining activity included in Grand Island Trip in Goa.

It is the practice of swimming underwater while equipped with a diving mask, a shaped breathing tube called a snorkel.


Well, you can also enjoy swimming over there and feel the pleasure of the cold water and the hot sun.


Fishing is also included in Grand Island Trip in Goa. Those who want to do fishing can do fishing over there.

Safety Measures

Your safety is our priority we see to it that all necessary measures are taken so that you don’t face any problem.
Your work will be to relax and enjoy the activities and the trip and leave the rest in the hands of pace tour packages and we will make sure that you have a memorable experience on the trip.

Why do Grand Island Trip?


  • Grand Island is one of the most exotic locations in Goa. Grande Island Trip is not only about the island trip visit but it is also about the various refreshing activities too.
  • The boat trip starts in the morning and we pick you up from the beach and then, As the trip starts there will be sightseeing where you will see popular landmarks like Millionaires Palace, Aguada Jail and other tourist attractions from the sea.
  • At the start of the journey, you will experience dolphin sightseeing. Where you see them diving in and out of the Arabian sea and the best time to see dolphins in goa is the whole year.
  • It is a once in a lifetime experience which can not be explained verbally. You can bring a camera to capture your memories.

So, what you are waiting for Book Grand Island Trip in Goa with No.1 Travel Agency in India Pace Tour Packages.


There following are some more Water Sports activities you can do in Goa


Scuba Diving In Goa

We all know that Goa and there beaches how attractive it is. So Goa is a wonderful place for Scuba Diving. Scuba Diving in Goa is a watersports Adventure activity included in Goa Tour Packages, in which scuba divers take you to dive underwater with safety kit Such as Diving Mask, Drysuit, Fins, Diving cylinder, etc and Enjoy the underwater magical marine world.

Flyboarding In Goa

Flyboarding is a hydro-flight gadget that supplies impetus to drive into the air to play out a game known as hydro-flying or flyboarding up. A Flyboard rider remains on a load up associated with a long hose to a watercraft. Our package accompanies a super cool shirt, photographs, video and drinking water to keep yourself hydrated.

Jet Ski Ride In Goa

One of the most common and loved water sports activities is Jet Ski. There are various beaches where you can enjoy the Jet-ski ride. Jet Ski ride at Goa attracts a lot of tourists and travelers. The serene area calm environment of the beaches in Goa adds to the fun, making the ride of jet-ski even more memorable for people who try it. Again, all the safety measures are properly taken care of by our trained professionals. We ensure that you make the most of your time at the beaches in Goa by enjoying yourself to the fullest along with proper safety measures.

Banana Ride In Goa

Banana Ride in Goa is one such activity that the entire family can enjoy together. While Spending time with your family or loved ones you would want to engage in activities that would strengthen the bond amongst you, In such cases banana ride would serve as a perfect water sport you could enjoy. In the Banana ride, a banana-shaped tube is attached to the speedboat. With the increase in the speed of the speedboat, the banana-tube attached to it also moves faster. This makes it difficult for the people riding the tube to maintain their balance. The banana ride is sure to provide you with the kind of thrill you will remember for a long time. The popularity of Banana ride is increasing day by day and the number of people is willing to try this activity nowadays.

Bumper Ride In Goa

We offer you an exciting Bumper Ride in Goa, which is also called Tubing. This activity involves riding a tiny round boat on the water. It is safe and suitable for adults and children. The Bumper will be attached to a speedboat and as the speed increases, you can feel the tiny boat jump. It’s a fun activity and will certainly leave you with a big smile on your face. Amongst the other activities that lure a number of tourists and travelers is the speedboat ride in Goa. People who love speed and are willing to try thrilling activities to pump up their adrenaline rush, Speedboat ride in Goa is meant for them.

Speed Boat Ride In Goa

Speed Boat ride in Goa is outstanding daytime water sports so relish an energizing ride over the waves with your sidekick which is a fleeting activity, which can likewise be easily joined with various water sports to make a multi-activity day of you pick so! A standout amongst the most prevalent ocean water sports in Goa is the well-known Speed Boat Rides.

The speed and the breeze blowing against one’s face give a brain blowing experience. In Goa, there are numerous shorelines. This gives an open entryway for speed pontoon rides. Numerous guests particularly the honeymooners in Goa are crazy for a speed pontoon ride.


  • Pick / Drop
  • Light snacks/ fruits, water/ juice / Biscuits, Beer/Rum, Minera Water, Soft Drinks, Goan Cuisine Buffet (Fish / Chicken / Veg).
  • Dolphin Sighting
  • Bottom Fishing
  • Fun Snorkelling

Iternary (08:30 am to 03:30 pm)

  • 1

    Pick-up from hotel to the boat jetty

    Calangute, Arpora, Baga, Sinquerim, Nerul, and Candolim cover our pick-up and drop locations. If your hotel does not fall in these locations, pick-up and drop facilities can still be provided at an additional cost

  • 2

    Boat jetty to Grand Island

    Feed on refreshments and light snacks (rum, unlimited beer, water and soft drinks), while spotting dolphins, The Millionaire's Palace, Aguada Jail and other such attractions.

  • 3

    Snorkeling & Fishing

    The highlight of the trip is Snorkeling and you get to experience it first hand at Grande Island. You can engage in fishing as well, as our guides know the perfect spots where you're assured to snag a fish on your fishing line.

  • 4

    Boat ride to Monkey Beach

    12:00 pm to 2:30 pm - Goan style barbeque & buffet (lunch) Relax by the beach or swim in the sea while our Goan chefs put up a scrumptious barbeque and Goan style buffet (veg/chicken/fish) for lunch.

  • 5

    Monkey Beach to boat jetty (return)

    Feel the calming sea breeze running through your hair while you pass the Governor's Palace, the Marmagao Port Trust (MPT), and some indo-pacific hump-back dolphins on the way back to the jetty.

  • 6

    Drop from boat jetty to Hotel

    Duration: 8:30 am to 3:30pm


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Dhananjay kharat - January 22 2019:

Awesome trip…It is best way to relief stress… and enjoyed very much. I will refer pace tour packages to my friends and family for grande island trip in goa.

Nash - January 22 2019:

Would recommend this day trip for best experience!!

shaikh - January 23 2019:

Smooth, well arranged trip good job Pace tour packages! Got picked up from my hotel at Baga beach at the time fixed, no wastage of time. Started our island trip on jetty to the Grande Island en route saw pretty dolphins, light house etc. Love fishing, did bottom fishing and enjoyed snacks and beer before heading to boat for Monkey beach for more fun!

Aishwarya Subramanian - January 23 2019:

I was very happy with all aspects of the service provided and would have no hesitation recommending pace tour packages they were particularly attentive to appropriate detail for e.g. During our Island Trip they provided my 4 years old kid with life jacket onboard on my request as I was bit concerned. The trip was awesome with good photogenic site seeing from the sea. Dolphin sighting, Snorkeling, Fishing, BBQ Lunch offered was upto the mark. Will book my next trip with them soon.

Prashant Gupta - January 24 2019:

I enjoyed grand island boat trip with my friends for long time we enjoyed music, food, drink very much Thank you Pace Tour Packages for best 1 day trip in goa.

Diya - January 28 2019:

It was a great experience of island trip in goa. thanks to pace tour packages for the wonderful trip!

Karthik - January 29 2019:

Grand Island boat trip was superb…. Thank you pace tour packages for amazing trip.

Prachu - January 29 2019:

As Goa is associated with various beaches among which my favorite beach is monkey beach. During my trip to the grand island, I really had an unforgettable experience with my family. We almost spent 3 hours in water. The guide there really treated us very well and took good care of us. Cold Atlantic water, snorkeling, scuba dive, watching colorful marine life. All thanks to the trip organizers.

Darrell Fernandes - January 31 2019:

Grande Island trip is always great experience for me, but yes the other reviews are right it is very busy. A fun experience especially to introduce young children to snorkeling however for adults, I would suggest taking a boat further out on the reef and snorkeling there.

Sarthak jain - February 01 2019:

I find pace tour packages most reliable online booking agency. I would highly recommend them to book Island Trip as I did for our group of 25 people in March 2019. Great co-ordination from mihir and his team. Took good care of us during the trip. All things was sorted to the perfection may it be snorkeling, fishing or food or boat with shed. Thank you Mihir.

Nikhil gupta - February 05 2019:

We had a lot of fun in adventure boat. Thank you pace tour packages for great time.

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