Scuba Diving in Tarkarli

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Scuba Diving in Tarkarli

“For some reason, while diving the stress stays at the surface.” Scuba diving, an amazing watersports activity that helps you to reduce the stress of your day to day life. Malvan is one of the best places where you can do Scuba diving. So, If you want to make this vacation memorable and love to do watersports activities then Malvan is the best place for you.

There are many other water sports activities, you can do there, for instance, Parasailing, Banana ride, Bumper Ride, Speed Boat Ride, etc.

But one of the most famous and amazing water sports activities in Malvan is Scuba Diving.

In Malvan there is 2 famous place for Scuba Diving, where you can do Scuba diving.

  •  Chivla Beach
  •  Tarkarli Beach.

Both places for scuba diving are famous, but for better scuba diving experience you should go for scuba diving at Chivla beach.

Scuba diving in Chivla can give you 10 times better experience compare to scuba diving in Tarkarli.

Why? Just read the full article you will come to know why scuba diving at Chivla beach is best for you.

Why Scuba Diving in Tarkarli? OR Why Scuba Diving at Chivla Beach?

There are numerous beautiful places in India where you can do scuba diving. But Tarkarli is one of the best places to do scuba diving.

Why? Because Tarkarli (Malvan) has a wonderful beach with abundant underwater beauty. Therefore you can see coral reefs, exotics fishes, sea plants, dolphins, and much more through scuba diving in Tarkarli.



Scuba Diving at Tarkarli Beach, Malvan


But if you are tensed and you are discovering a peaceful place where you can do scuba diving then you must go for scuba diving at Chivla beach. Because Chivla beach is a hidden place where you find a peaceful environment and you can relax.

Another advantage of doing scuba diving in Tarkarli is clear water. The water clarity in Tarkarli is amazing. Therefore it is safe doing scuba diving in Tarkarli. Even you are young or new scuba divers you can do Scuba Diving In Tarkarli.

But if you are planning to do scuba diving with family then we strongly recommend you for scuba diving at Chivala Beach. Because the water clarity at Chivla beach is 2 times better then Tarkarli beach.



Scuba Diving at Chivla Beach


So, the question will come in your mind, why we advise you doing scuba diving in Tarkarli?

See both places are one of the amazing places for scuba diving. But some people prefer to do scuba diving at Tarkarli like a college student and some people prefer to do scuba diving at Chivla beach.

So, the choice is yours where you want to do Scuba Diving. We are just sharing facts with you. If you want to do scuba diving at Tarkarli you can go for it. If you want to do scuba diving at Chivla beach you must go for it.

Decisions are all up to you, we can only advice you.

Next advantage of doing scuba diving in Malvan in the mouth-watering Malvan foods.

Again we are telling you Tarkarli lake & Chivla beach both are in Malvan.

Who all Can Do Scuba Diving?

So, the answer is anyone can do scuba diving.

But in some special conditions, you can’t do scuba diving, for instance, pregnant lady, heart patients, etc we will discuss next who can’t do scuba diving just read the full article you will get all answer related to scuba diving.



Child Doing Scuba Diving


Can Non-swimmer Do Scuba Diving?

The next question comes in your mind, Hey! I don’t know scuba diving.
Can non-swimmer do scuba diving?

The answer is YES!!!!

Whether you know swimming or don’t know you can do scuba diving…But How?

At the time of scuba diving, you are fully protected with safety equipment and for your safety as well as we provide you a PADI certified scuba diver. You are doing scuba diving under PADI certified scuba diver. So don’t fear, feel free, scuba diving is 100% safe Guarantee!!!

If any other questions arise in your mind related to who can do scuba diving just go and check our FAQ sections.

Who can’t Do Scuba Diving?

  • If you are planning for scuba diving with your family we strongly recommend you for instead of doing scuba diving at Tarkarli beach, do scuba diving at Chivla beach.
  • You are tensed and want to do scuba diving then you must go for scuba diving at Chivla beach.
  • If you are suffering from major illness then you can’t do scuba diving. Give enough time to your body to recover that particular illness.
  • A child who is below 10 years.
  • Pregnant Women also can’t do Scuba Diving.
  • Asthma, Heart Patient can’t do Scuba Diving. Our team always pray for your recovery.
  • Physical fitness is very important for doing Scuba Diving.

Best Time to Do Scuba Diving In Tarkarli or Chivla

Scuba diving in Tarkarli beach and Chivla beach is mostly explored from October to May. This time is best for to do scuba diving in Trkarli beach and Chivla beach.

Cost of scuba diving in Tarkarli or Chivla

The cost of Scuba Diving In Tarkarli beach and Chivla beach differs from company to company. We bring a special offer for our special customer who loves to do adventurous activities.

So, what you are waiting for? Book scuba diving at Chivla beach or Tarkarli beach at an affordable price with No1 travel agency in India Pace Tour Packages.

Why with us?

Our First Priority is your safety and gives you a remarkable experience and we offer the following things.

  • Pick / Drop from the Hotel
  • An instructor-supervised dive in the open sea. (Approx 15 Min.)
  • Light snacks/ fruits, water/ juice / Biscuits
  • Equipment rental
  • Delicious Malvan blend Non-Veg/ Veg/ Jain Meal
  • Photos and videos

There are other places in India where you can do Scuba Diving

These following 2 other best Places where you can do scuba diving.

Scuba Diving in Goa

We all know that Goa and there beaches how attractive it is. So Goa is a wonderful place for Scuba Diving. Scuba Diving in Goa is a watersports Adventure activity included in Goa Tour Packages, in which scuba divers take you to dive underwater with safety kit Such as Diving Mask, Drysuit, Fins, Diving cylinder, etc and Enjoy the underwater magical marine world.

Scuba Diving in Andaman

The most interesting water sports activity in which people can swim underwater and enjoy seeing marine life underwater is Scuba Diving. If you want to Know the underwater marine life then this activity is for you. Andaman is another place where you can do Scuba Diving.

Other watersports activities where you can do in Malvan

Parasailing in Malvan

Parasailing in Malvan is the most exciting Water Sports in Malvan. Imagine flying in the sky like a bird with a great view of the ocean. Parasailing in Malvan includes flying in the sky on parasail equipment attached to the speedboat by a long rope, around 30-40 m. As the speedboat runs off into the water, you will be pulled up. The beautiful blue sky above and the bright water below is fascinating Malvan is the hottest tourist destination in India. The least area of India. Parasailing is available on major beaches like Dona Paula, Majorda, Anjuna, Calangute, Colva and Vagator.

Jet Ski Ride in Malvan

One of the most common and loved water sports activities is Jet Ski. There are various beaches where you can enjoy the Jet-ski ride. Jet Ski Ride in Malvan attracts a lot of tourists and travelers. The serene area calm environment of the beaches in Malvan adds to the fun, making the ride of jet-ski even more memorable for people who try it. We ensure that you make the most of your time at the beaches in Malvan by enjoying yourself to the fullest along with proper safety measures.

Banana Ride in Malvan

Banana Ride in Malvan is one such activity that the entire family can enjoy together. While spending time with your family or loved ones you would want to engage in activities that would strengthen the bond amongst you, In such cases banana ride would serve as a perfect water sport you could enjoy. In the Banana ride, a banana-shaped tube is attached to the speedboat. With the increase in the speed of the speedboat, the banana-tube attached to it also moves faster. This makes it difficult for the people riding the tube to maintain their balance. The banana ride is sure to provide you with the kind of thrill you will remember for a long time. The popularity of Banana ride is increasing day by day and the number of people is willing to try this activity nowadays.

Bumper Ride in Malvan

We offer you an exciting Bumper Ride in Malvan which is also called Tubing. This activity involves riding a tiny round boat on the water. It is safe and suitable for adults and children. The Bumper will be attached to a speedboat and as the speed increases, you can feel the tiny boat jump. It’s a fun activity and will certainly leave you with a big smile on your face. Amongst the other activities that lure a number of tourists and travelers is the speedboat ride in Malvan. People who love speed and are willing to try thrilling activities to pump up their adrenaline rush, Speedboat ride in Malvan is meant for them.

Speed Boat Ride in Malvan

Speed Boat Ride in Malvan is outstanding daytime water sports so relish an energizing ride over the waves with your sidekick which is a fleeting activity, which can likewise be easily joined with various water sports to make a multi-activity day of you pick so! A standout amongst the most prevalent ocean water sports in Malvan is the well-known Speed Boat Rides.

The speed and the breeze blowing against one’s face give a brain-blowing experience. In Malvan, there are numerous shorelines. This gives an open entryway for speed pontoon rides. Numerous guests particularly the honeymooners in Malvan are crazy for a speed pontoon ride.

Speed fans who love to play with the water can’t miss getting into a speedboat. Malvan offers a considerable measure of energy and water sports practices that very raise the fun quotient of the Malvan trip. A fun speed boat ride offers you an opportunity to attract and hold yourself in the enchanting feel of the Malvani shorelines. It starts from morning 9 am to 5 pm in the evening people can come to any time duration the day and enjoy our ride at Candolim beach, Malvan and also Calangute beach, Malvan



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