Malvan is the green ecological point of Maharashtra in the Sindhadurg District. Malvan has its own unique identity, Malvan environment which will help you to reduce stress. In India, there are many places which are full of beaches and Malvan is one such place. Where you will see the beaches everywhere almost every 10 to 20kms you travel. The pride of the Malvan is at Tarkarli beach and the Chivla beach. And the beaches have amazing view, and Water sports in Malvan.

Malvan Beach


Which types of water sports are there in Malvan?

There are some selected watersports activity carried out in Malvan They all are very thrilling  and adventurous activities some of them are:
Scuba diving in Malvan

Banana ride in Malvan

Bumper ride in Malvan

Parasailing in Malvan

Flyboarding in Malvan

Water Sports In Malvan

What makes Malvan the best for water sports?

It is the surrounding of Malvan, the Calm environment of Malvan, the view of Malvan will you Malvan’s fan. Most of the people after visiting Malvan Don’t feel like returning it. Malvan is as good as dessert after a meal.

Scuba Diving In Malvan

 Scuba diving in Malvan

Scuba diving is an underwater sports activity, in which you dive underwater and explore the marine life and the corals. Malvan has an amazing Marine life. Scuba diving in Malvan is available at a reasonable rate, and it is worth it.

banana-ride-in- malvan

Banana Ride in Malvan

In the Banana ride, you ride on a  banana-shaped tube and tied to a boat the tube moves along with the Boat you will get the best feeling as the speed increase you will get the thrill and when that cold air touches you it will make you fall in love with Malvan.

Bumper Ride In Malvan

Bumper ride in Malvan

The bumper ride is similar to Banana ride. In this ride, you sit on a bumper and not a banana tube. The bumper is pulled by a boat and you just have to sit and enjoy the scenic view of Malvan in the water.

Parasailing In Malvan

Parasailing in Malvan

Malvan looks pretty amazing from above from the sky it is worth trying everybody visiting Malvan should try out Parasailing in Malvan. In parasailing, you will be attached to a parachute and tied to the boat and you just got to fly in the air and enjoy the view. Make those unforgettable memories in the air.


Flyboarding in Malvan

Malvan has a thrilling watersport which is Flyboarding in this activity you dive like a dolphin.   Its newly launched watersports and it is getting very famous.