Kolad is Quite beautiful with a range of waterfalls, lush leaf and also the charming Sahyadris, Kolad could be a major holidaymaker destination in Maharashtra, particularly because of its approach towards water-based activities and other activities. Kolad could be a peaceful and spiritual location where you can spend time with your family and loved ones. Kolad provides sports like rafting, rappelling, kayaking, climbing, etc. However, after all, the Kolad River Rafting has gained fame within the touristry sector in recent years.

More About Kolad River Rafting

River Rafting in Kolad is very famous adventure water sport activity which is why people visit Kolad. Adventurous River rafting of 12 KM long run is conducted on River Kundalika.

kolad River RartingThe Grading System For Rapids

Rapids are graded on an international scale from I to VI progressively increasing in difficulty and danger. The volume and kind of waves, the risks, remoteness, water temperature and quality of river (continuous rapids or a calm section between the rapids), the geographical terrain (a stretch of the gorge or flat, open country) all go into deciding the grade of a rapid. The overall grade of a river depends on the toughest and the fastest on that river.

1.)Grade I: Fast flowing water with small waves/ripples.
2.)Grade II: Easy.
3.)Grade III: Difficult.
4.)Grade IV: Very difficult.
5.)Grade V: Extreme, should be attempted by an experienced team only, danger to life and limb.
6.)Grade VI: Impossible to negotiate, suicidal.
Basic to medium swimming skills are required for Grades I to III, while a decent experience of white-water rafting is necessary for Grades IV and VI.

Kolad river rafting

Medical Concerns

If you have a previous medical condition, mention them to the instructor, and do remember to carry the necessary prescribed medication.

What To Watch Out While Doing Kolad River Rafting

1. Always wear your life jacket while you are in the river. The life jacket should fit snugly. Do always double-check with your guide before you remove your life jacket even in a quiet section.

2. Helmets are to protect you from the paddles of your forward rafting companions, and the paddles/frame on a raft (in case of a flip on a paddle rig), and very rarely as protection against the rocks on a river.

3. Also if you go only to look at a rapid, put your life jacket and helmet on. It is all too easy to slip into the rapid. Still, if you fall while scrambling on the rocks above the rapid, your safety gear will protect you.

4. Do not tie/wrap any rope around your wrists, arms, legs or neck! This can be dangerous in case of a flip, or if you fall out.

 kundalika river rafting

5. Do not place your feet outside the raft while paddling. You are likely to get hurt in case you hit a rock.

6. In case the raft is about to hit a rock, do not try and stop the two-ton momentum of the raft with your lightweight paddle, foot or hands – you are likely to get hurt. Let the raft jump off the rocks – it is a lot easier (and cheaper too!) to repair rafts!

7. Do stop water fights and other fun activities above rapids and let your guide concentrate on his line above the bigger rapids. Do ensure that your safety gear – lifejackets and helmets – fit snugly and that your feet are well braced-in under the tubes or in foot cups, above a big rapid.

8. Once in the water, lie down on your back with your feet pointed downstream, your toes just sticking out of the water. A few tips to remember:

a. Do not jump out until you have confirmation from your river guide.

b. Not all rapids are safe for body-surfing and if you do jump out without permission remember you may well be walking ‘funny’ for a few days!

c. Never jump into the river from the raft. Always put your feet first since there can be rocks below the surface that are not visible.

d. Breathe as you go down a wave and stop breathing as you are going up and under the wave.

e. You can gently push up with your hands as you go up the crest of the wave – this allows you to gasp for breath a fraction longer! Body-surfing rapids are not recommended for non-swimmers.

kolad water rafting

9. If you do fall off a raft and are forced to body-surf, do remember the following:

a. Do not panic – relax.

b. As quickly as you fall off the raft, your life jacket will immediately bring you to the surface.

c. After coming to the surface right next to the raft. Grab hold of the raft. Just remember that the raft is your biggest life jacket on the river.

d. If you are close to the raft (a meter or two away) and a swimmer, swim to the raft

e. If you are away from the raft, adopt the white-water position (also referred to as the white-water missionary position!): lie on your back with your feet pointed downstream.

f. Do not try and stand up at a rapid since this can lead to foot entrapment in a rock or other obstacles underwater.

kolad river rafting

g. Hold on to your paddle. You will be fairly useless without your paddle in the raft and your team will likely throw you back into the river if you didn’t come back with your paddle! You can use your paddle to extend your reach and get help. Always give the grip end of the paddle to someone trying to help you, or someone you are trying to help.

h. Listen to your guide, even though it may be adverse to your instinct. If your guide points to any direction, move and swim in that direction. Your guides will always point you to safety catch.

i. Watch out for the rescue bag your guide is likely to throw at you. Grab hold of the rope sticking out of the bag and not the bag itself. Never wrap the rope around your wrist or neck. Place it over your shoulder with your face pointing away from the direction you are being pulled since this creates an air pocket (this will be explained to you before you go rafting during the safety briefing), and get pulled back into the raft.

j. If one of your fellow rafters have fallen off the raft, pull them back into the raft from the top of their life jackets (shoulder section) only.

k. Smile. The single most important thing to do on a kola river Rafting – enjoy yourself!